We provide a conclusive proof of the benefits of satisfying the customers with high quality of products and a high level of service.

Contract Manufacturing

 We offer component level, assembled sub-systems. Hinged on our basic engineering strength as well as a comprehensive manufacturing facility including production of cast and machined components such as shafts, couplings, gears, bearing blocks, etc., high quality sheet metal parts, heavy fabrication, high precision assembly etc

Large-scale manufacturing facilities, CNC-machines make it possible to meet almost every requirement on the field of mechanical working. We are fully capable of taking on the most engineering intensive of tasks and look to the challenges that our customers provide us.


  • Expertise in prototype development and large quantities.

  • Tie up with foundry expert is equipped.

  • Regular production is done as per ASTM B-85, ASTM B-108, DIN 1725, BS 1490 and IS 617, Aluminum alloy

  • Sub assembly work involving precision machining, sheet metal component, and plastic mouldings is done as per customer requirement.


AASTRAL team is expertise in knowledge and technology expertise on CAD/CAM/CAE platforms as designing, machining and project works.

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